“A [person] with a disability needs support. Stand behind him, champion and back him! Believe in him and have expectations! They inspire hope, excitement, eagerness and success!”
– Joan Scanlon-Dise

Local Court Information and Forms

Davidson County Probate Clerk’s Office:

Governmental Support for General Resources

To apply for TennCare Medicaid apply here.

To apply for Medicare apply here.

To apply for SNAP (Foodstamps) apply here.

To apply for CHOICES (Long Term Care Coverage) contact the AAAD at 1-866-836-6678 or learn more here.

To apply for Cover Rx (Prescription Drugs Assistance) apply here.

Reporting Abuse and Protection of Adults

General Information About Conservatorships and Disability

Services and Providers

Housing and Transportation

Mental Health or Disability



Asset Protection

Legal Assistance