Educational Videos

Standards of Practice

It is a conservator’s job to determine what is best for the respondent considering the circumstances. This information is being provided as a summary of the national standards as a best practice guide for you as a conservator.

Understanding Respondent Rights

This video addresses the rights the person with the disability retains while under conservatorship and reviews the National Guardianship Association Bill of Rights.

Considering Conservatorship

This video explains the conservatorship process and who may need a conservatorship.

CAT: Basic Conservatorship Training

This is a video by the Conservatorship Association of Tennessee that details the five golden rules of conservatorship.

Defining your Powers

This video details the legal responsibilities of the conservator and provides a basic understanding for conservatorships.

Introduction to Duties and Reporting

This video provides details for the specific fiduciary duties for the conservator and required annual filings.

Introduction to Property Filings

This video is specifically for the conservator over property and reviews the four financial documents that may be required by the court.

How to Set Up a Conservatorship Account

This video explains what a conservatorship account is and the process for setting up the account which is required in almost every conservatorship.

Conservatorship Organization