OCM Conservatorship School

This program is designed to provide basic information about the conservators fiduciary duties under TN laws.  Trainings are offered at no cost to the participant and a certificate of completion will be provided upon successful completion of each quiz. This information is not a substitute for legal counsel and is not legal advice.

Watch the video and then click the link to take the corresponding quiz. Upon satisfactory completion of the quiz you will receive a certificate via email. (Contact us if you do not receive your certificate) 

Defining your Powers

Take the Defining Your Powers Quiz


Introduction to Duties and Reporting

Take the Introduction to Duties & Reporting Quiz


Introduction to Property Filings (Parts A – D)

Take the Introduction to Property Filings Quiz

How to Set Up a Conservatorship Account

Take the How to Set Up a Conservatorship Quiz

Understanding Respondent Rights

Take the Understanding Respondent Rights Quiz